Desk PhoneCallsWiredWiFiBluetoothBLFIntercomPhonebookNotes
GXP1620210/100Good basic phone
GXP1625210/100Staff favorite basic phone
GXP21303100/10008Paper tag BLF
GXP21606100/100024Paper tag BLF
GXP21358100/1000PoE32Softkey BLF
GXP217012100/1000PoE48Softkey BLF. dedicated external BLF module available
GRP26144100/1000PoE40Dedicated BLF. Staff Favorite
GRP26166100/1000PoE48Dedicated BLF. Staff Favorite
Atcom A202100/100Workhorse wired and wifi!
Atcom A686100/100/1000Workhorse wired and wifi!
Poly VVX 60016100/100024Softkey BLF
HTEK UC9xxE2+100/1000Not recommended until firmware secured
Cisco SPA 5xx2+100/1000Basic autoconfig on some firmware - best manually configured
Portable PhonesCallsWired (base)WiFiHeadsetBluetoothNotes
Grandstream DP750+handsets2/handset100/10003.5mmGood DECT Wireless
Grandstream DP752+handsets2/handset100/10003.5mmGood DECT Wireless - Preferred Base
Grandstream WP82023.5mmAwesome phone w/good WiFi coverage

Autoconfigured ATA / Fax Adapters

We currently only support the Grandstream HT801 and Grandstream HT802's for autoconfiguration. We also have several customers using the Cisco ATA's manually configured with good results.

Conference Phones Any VoIP conference phone can be manually configured, the system autodetects and configures the Grandstream GAC2500 conference phone, and some versions of the Polycom Soundpoint.

Analog Phone Adapter - Hospitality The Hello Hub will autodetect and configure the common GXW4200 FXS (analog phone gateway) used in some businesses and many hotels for hotel room phones. Message waiting lights and other hospitality features are supported.

Why do we promote and prefer the Grandstream and Atcom phones? Read our Blog about Grandstream/Atcom preferences

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