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Special Projects

Larger, more complex phone systems are possible using ring-u hardware, but may require system enhancements and expanded support from our staff.

Past Examples:

  • A school system wanted to be able to use Grandstream GSC3505 speakers for announcements, which we did not support at the time.
  • A hotel needed support for Grandstream GXW4216 and GXW4224 hotel POTS (plain old telephone service) adapters.
  • A multi-national logistics company needed VPN support for a location to bypass national firewall rules
  • A multi-location professional firm needed non-standard ports to bypass restrictive ISP firewall rules.

These cases required software development, support, and time beyond the needs of a typical ring-u customer. In most cases, ring-u does not charge for system enhancements as they are in the best interest of all ring-u customers. There may be exceptions. What we ask do ask of our customers involved in larger or special projects is:

  • Communicate - Share your big picture: goals, schedule and metrics for success. If we can't help you succeed, we will save both of our time.
  • Schedule - When possible, schedule maintenance and configuration windows in advance. We'll help you with a 3 hour system installation and test, but we need to make sure we have staff allocated to accommodate you. We understand the need to do telecom installs and maintenance after hours and on weekends, but we appreciate advance notice and coordination.
  • Hardware - We support a lot of niche hardware, including Relay Control, and some arcane telecom equipment. Most of it can be manually configured onsite. If you want the Hello Hub to auto-configure your “Acme WhizBang #42” or whatever, consider sending us a unit to use in development.

Note: Currently Yealink and similar phones with b0rken faux-encryption in JavaScript are not something we can auto-configure. We keep a list of Autoconfig Supported Phones at a Glance.

  • Limits - There are limits to what we can do remotely. If you don't understand why “Double NAT” or a “/16 subnet” is bad mojo, or UDP jokes, please hire a networking professional to help you. If they don't understand such, find a real network technician.
  • Hourly Rates - We'll try not to need this discussion. Communication, scheduling, and having a competent on-site network technician goes a long way towards ring-u not having to charge for time. If we do, $150 per hour, 1 hour minimum.
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