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A catch-all configuration page of tricks you can make a Hello Hub do. This tab only displays if your account is in Advanced mode, as none of these options features are needed for Basic operation.

  • Control usage of the 3.5mm headphone jack, play music streams, phone ringer, PA system.
  • Force a unique, customer-provided dynamic DNS name.
  • Control HIPAA and Transcription Settings.
  • Enable hospitality mode(hotel/tenant settings).
  • Control BLF displays - useful if you manually configure these.
  • Email settings - do not change unless you understand the ramifications. The SMTP relay and sender address must work together.
    • Custom email address system messages come from. This works if the SMTP Relay below allows the sender and target address.
    • Custom SMTP Relay Server.

Many other options, this unruly catch-all geeky interface looks like the below (at January 2022), and is continually modified.

tricks.txt · Last modified: 2022/06/16 15:44 by jim

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