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Call Recording

By default, Call Recording is disabled.
You will receive this screen if it has not been enabled.

Enable Call Recording
Enabling call recording costs $9.95 per month.
Once enabled, the feature will be active in minutes, and will be pro-rated for your billing period.
Enabling this featured requires a USB drive plugged into the Hello Hub.
Suggested: A small (4/8/16/32 Gb) USB drive ExFat formatted.
(sp)(sp)Note - Recordings are small files, and their listing can overload the File Allocation Tables of larger drives, even though there is a lot of space left.
(sp)(sp)Recordings can be downloaded and managed from this web interface shortly after the call.

Once Enabled
Once enabled and in use, recorded calls may be accessed from this page.
From the Hello Hub's home network, these messages are downloadable by clicking the hyperlink.

By Clicking the Options button, you will see the Options for this feature, which enable you to:

  • Delete All Recordings,
  • Determine whether to record all calls or only on demand,
  • Set how much of your external drive to use for recordings,
  • Disable the feature.

You may find this article on External Storage to be helpful.

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