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Getting to Know the Keypad - GRP2614, GRP2615, GRP2616

GRP2614 GRP2614

GRP2615 GRP2615

GRP2616 GRP2616

GRP2614 / GRP2615 / GRP2616 Keypad Buttons

Icon Button Function
Contacts Press to view and edit contact information.
Hold Press to put call on hold or resume the call.
Mute Press to mute or unmute the call.
Headset Press to switch to Headset mode.
Message Press to access Voicemail messages.
Transfer Press to transfer call.
Conference Press to conference call.
Speaker Press to use speaker phone.
Send/Redial Press to send call or redial.
Volume - (left) decreases volume / + (right) increases volume.
Navigation keys (4) Navigate menu options. When on idle screen, press up for 3 seconds to display IP info.
Menu Press to access menu.
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