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welcome to ring-u!

The one stop DIY solution for small business phone systems and service
We're glad you are here and hope we can answer all your questions and solve any problem you may have (with your ring-u phone system. at least).

For Account Owners & Users

We have tried to make this as friendly and easy to use as possible. If you hit a wall, just give us a call or send us an email/support ticket. We are here to help.

For Network Professionals

As you may (or may not) know, VoIP is a special animal and requires some irregular networking practices and considerations. Please resist the urge to be an “IT guy” - it will cause you and your client no end of grief. We have a lot of experience in this, deep geek pockets, and we want the best outcome for you and our shared customer. As such, we encourage you to call us - we love our IT Professional friends and know most by caller ID or voice. The better we know you and your customer, the better (and faster) we can help you and the less time you have to spend on the phone not doing what you would rather be doing (literally anything but being on the phone, right?).

We have included things of specific interest to you and put it in our Networking menu. Please start with our Network Introduction.

Reach Us At:


Jim jumped into the deep end updating and re-organizing the wiki and I'd like to say THANK YOU –Mike–

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