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Hunt Groups

Hunting, or a hunt group, is an advanced call center application.
It can be selected from the Receptionist > Human/Ring Phones.
When selected, all incoming calls will be routed to an AVAILABLE human.
The Hello Hub currently only supports 1 hunt group.
To Join or Leave the Hunt Group, employees dial a simple code:

  • To join the hunt group: dial 408
  • To leave the hunt group: dial 409

If there is nobody in the hunt group, callers are sent to the voicemail for extension 100.
If the Hello Hub reboots or is reset, extensions will have to rejoin the hunt groups by dialing 408.


From the caller's perspective:
Willy calls Acme Corp, hears a recording that says: press 1 for customer service and presses 1.
When Willy pressed 1, he was sent to a randomly-selected representative adjoined to the hunt group who was not already busy on another call.

From the Acme representative's perspective the scenario is a little different:
Fred, Barney and Wilma all show up at 8 for their customer service shifts at Acme Corp. When each person is ready, they dial 408 to join the hunt group.
The Hello Hub routes calls to each of them when they are not on the phone.
Betty shows up at 11 to help cover for lunch, and dials 408 to join the group.
Fred dials 409 to leave the group and goes to lunch.
When he comes back, he dials 408 to join again, and Barney and Wilma dial 409 to be removed from the group and go to lunch.
When they get back, they dial 408 to join again.

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