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OpenVPN on Asterisk on Debian

Sharing some scripts that may be useful for the general Asterisk and OpenVPN communities

OpenVPN on Grandstream Phones

Frankly, this is rocket science. We don't do this unless under duress.
Example: you have a remote office in a country that is blocking all non-encrypted traffic and we like you enough to setup OpenVPN as a server on a hosted/cloud Hello Hub. We'll create the OpenVPN server and configure it. This is a low to moderate security VPN. Its primary purpose is to punch through firewall/traffic restrictions, not to protect you from the NSA, KGB or other nation state-level actors.

Step 1 - OpenVPN

We'll send you the three files.
The client/user will need to take the three files we provide and login in to their phones using a web browser.
We can not provide or configure them via our automated systems.

ca.crt is uploaded to “OpenVPN CA”

phone01.crt is uploaded to “OpenVPN Certificate”

phone01.key is uploaded to “OpenVPN Client Key”

The server address is the ipV4 address of your cloud/hosted Hello Hub. The IP in the image is an example.

The port will probably be 5042 - an atypical port for either VPN's or VoIP/SIP.

The Cipher method is AES-256

No username or password is required.

Click Save and Apply, reboot and pray.

Step 2 - Account Mods

Under Accounts→Account 1 Set the SIP Server IP Address and Outbound Proxy IP address to This is both the Hello Hub and VPN Server Address.


This still may not work, for too many factors to explain.

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