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Autoconfig Supported Phones at a Glance

Desk PhoneCallsWiredWiFiBluetoothBLFIntercomPhonebookNotes
GXP1620210/100Good basic phone
GXP1625210/100Staff favorite basic phone
GXP21303100/10008Paper tag BLF
GXP21606100/100024Paper tag BLF
GXP21358100/1000PoE32Softkey BLF
GXP217012100/1000PoE48Softkey BLF. dedicated external BLF module available
GRP2602210/100No BLF.
GRP2603210/100No BLF.
GRP2604210/100No BLF.
GRP26144100/1000PoE40Dedicated BLF. Staff Favorite
GRP261510100/1000PoE160Ultimate Receptionist Phone w/Sidecar(s)
GRP26166100/1000PoE48Dedicated BLF. Staff Favorite
Atcom A20210/100Workhorse wired and wifi
Atcom A68610/100/1000Workhorse wired and wifi
Poly VVX 60016100/100024Softkey BLF
HTEK UC9xxE2+100/1000Not recommended until firmware secured
Cisco SPA 5xx2+100/1000Basic autoconfig on some firmware - best manually configured
Portable PhonesCallsWired (base)DECTWiFiHeadsetBluetoothNotes
Grandstream DP750+handsets2/handset100/10003.5mmGood DECT Wireless
Grandstream DP752+handsets2/handset100/10003.5mmGood DECT Wireless - Preferred Base
Grandstream WP82023.5mmAwesome phone w/good WiFi coverage
Grandstream WP810 and 82223.5mm(ck)Awesome phone w/good WiFi coverage
Grandstream WP82523.5mmAwesome phone w/good WiFi coverage - Ruggedized
Odd/Other Devices AutoconfiguredDescriptionNotes
Grandstream HT8011 port FaxPort 1 configured for Fax
Grandstream HT8022 port Fax/ATA AdapterPort 1 configured for Fax, Port 2 for Audio
Grandstream GSC3505SpeakerSupports Broadcast Paging from Hello Hub
Grandstream GXW4216 and GXW4224ATA Adapter16 and 24 port POTS adapters used for hotels/hospitality phone systems
Grandstream GAC2500Conference PhoneGood speakerphone, autodetects and autoconfigures
Polycom SoundpointConference PhoneMost recent models/firmware autoconfig

List of supported of supported bluetooth headsetshere

Why do we promote and prefer the Grandstream and Atcom phones? Read our Blog about Grandstream/Atcom preferences

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