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Firewall/Network Configuration

The ring-u average customer has a consumer-oriented router and everything “just works.”
This page is for customers with advanced needs and professional networking gear and experience.
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Basic level

If your router, firewall or access points have rules for blocking VoIP traffic, often called “SIP ALG” or “SIP Traffic” and you are having issues, turn them off. You might have to create a rule that “allows UDP traffic” outbound. Your ring-u Hello Hub must be allowed to communicate via UDP and TCP to the internet in order to work. How to Disable SIP ALG on Popular Routers

Advanced level

Some firewalls require specific lists of allowed IP addresses and ports to connect to. This can get tricky, and the IP addresses involved my change. If your network security needs are high, consider a separate network (physical or VLAN) for your phone system. For basic system control and operations, the following are fairly consistent with most configurations:

IPTypePort(s),2211ring-u operations
2600:3c02::f03c:91ff:fe24:fdf0TCP443,2211ring-u operations,TCP5060-5080Upstream Provider SIP,TCP5060-5080,3478,5349Upstream Provider SIP/STUN&TURN,TCP5060-5080Upstream Provider SIP
2603:1037:0:c::fUDP,TCP5060-5080Upstream Provider SIP

If you are using certain advanced configurations for remote extensions/phones you may need to add. Ask if you need this one, it is not common.


Due to the nature of SIP/VoIP traffic, actual call connections use a variety of UDP ports. It's best to allow all outbound UDP traffic from your Hello Hub. In this example: is a Hello Hub and three calls in a row to to to

Specialized Firewalls

For higher end firewalls, please observe manufacturers' best practices.
Untangle settings
SonicWall settings
Cisco Meraki vlan settings and allow list settings

Need more?

ring-u was founded by some very technical folks, please contact tech support if you need specific help with your network configuration.

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