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Useful Codes

Traditional phones only have number keypads and are limited to using numbers for most features and commands. While your phone also has a lot of “smart buttons” that do one or more things, these vary from phone to phone, so there has to be a way to operate features with just a number.

  • Ext means it works from an extension.
  • All means it works from any phone or call.
0 and 00(ck)(ck)Operator. Will ring the designated operator phone. If none is designated will ring the company mailbox. Set a phone as Operator from the Advanced Tab on that phone in the Customer Portal.
000(ck)Information about that phone: extension number and IP address will be read to you. Very useful for testing a phone.
001(ck)Enable or Disable the Override Receptionist. Useful for ad-hoc hours. Example: Leaving the office: dial 001, your override receptionist plays when people call. Dial 001 again when you get back to disable it.
002(ck)2 way audio test. Record and playback. Great for checking audio quality, microphones
500(ck)(ck)Ring All Phones.
50x(ck)(ck)Ring a grouping of phones you designate. 501,502,503..
555(ck)Page using any speaker or PA plugged into the 3.5mm speaker jack.
600(ck)Park a call into a parking slot, where it can be picked up from other phones.
60x(ck)Pick up a call that has been parked in 601,602,603…
65x(ck)(ck)Meeting/conference Rooms 651,652,653. Password Required
702(ck)Main Number Receptionist Test
707(ck)Voicemail System for the dialing extension. Alternate number because some phones needs special programming to dial 800 numbers.
708(ck)Listen to your hold music. You can choose from our tacky hold music selection, or upload your own from the customer portal.
709(ck)Fax Yourself. If incoming fax is set to email, your fax machine will send you a scan via email.
719(ck)Test Virtual Fax. Mostly used for testing fax machines. It will email the received fax
777(ck)(ck)Directory, by name
800(ck)Voicemail System for the dialing extension
911(ck)Emergency 911 Call Center Nearest You
933(ck)Test e911 phone number and address. Please call this instead of 911 to test
988(ck)Nationwide Suicide Prevention Hotline
999(ck)Answer a ringing phone from any phone. Hear a phone ringing far far away you want to answer, dial 999 to answer that call.
7xxx(ck)(ck)Transfer direct to a specific voicemail box without ringing the extension.
8xxx(ck)(ck)Dial a specific voicemail box (xxx = extension #), will require the password
9xxx(ck)Answer a specific ringing phone. For example if 105 and 108 are both ringing with different calls, 9105 will answer the call on 105 from any phone.
9221(ck)(ck)Record open receptionist message - This must be turned on and off from the Tricks menu. It is recommended to leave off unless being used
9222(ck)(ck)Record closed receptionist message - Same caveats as above.
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