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Port Forwarding / External Remote Phones

Background Information
The ring-u Hello Hub is primarily intended to be an on-premises network phone system. In its default configuration, it exists behind a firewall and communicates directly to the local phone system. This provides a range of advantages over cloud-based systems, particularly with regard to automatic phone configuration, minimizing upstream network traffic, and cost.
For companies with remote employees, a little tweaking to your network configuration will allow your Hello Hub to provide integrated phone service to phones outside of your local network.
This may be done either by basic firewall port forwarding, or via a VPN (Virtual Private Network).
We currently only support the firewall port forwarding method, as it works well for most requirements.

1. Advanced Mode must be enabled in the ring-u portal.
2. Configure DHCP Server to provide a consistent/static IP address to the Hello Hub.
3. Port forwards as detailed in the chart below.
4. Use a supported soft phone listed below:

Additional Requirements:
Supporting remote phones is an advanced phone system feature and dependent on several factors beyond the control of ring-u, including:
1. Internet connectivity to the Hello Hub. (Your business internet connection)
2. Internet/data connection on remote phones - cellular & external WiFi network quality/reliability are a critical factor.
3. Firewall quality and configuration.

This feature is most commonly used to allow a mobile phone to function as an extension of the phone system. Benefits include easy dialing to other extensions, being part of a call group, and calling out from the business phone system & phone number.
You'll need a good data plan on your mobile, and a mobile with ample battery capacity.
Configuring your firewall and office network to work well is the most important aspect and most common point of failure in getting this feature to work.
Please consider having a professional check your network and configure your firewall. ring-u can advise, but cannot do this configuration for you.

Port Forwarding Details:
Set the following ports and protocols to forward to your Hello Hub inside of your network.

PortProtocolInternal AddressDescription
5060UDP and TCPx.x.x.xVoIP/SIP Control
5061UDP and TCPx.x.x.xVoIP/SIP Control (secure)
10,000-20,000UDPx.x.x.xVoIP/SIP RTP (Voice Traffic)

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