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Connecting to WiFi - GRP2614, GRP2615, GRP2616

To connect the these models to a WiFi Network, please follow the steps below:
1. From the Home Screen, press the Round button between the 4 arrow buttons, and navigate to System → WiFi settings. Fig. 81: WiFi Feature

2. Set WiFi to Enabled and press Save button. Fig. 82: Enabling Wifi

3. Select Scan. The device will automatically start scanning for WiFi access points within range. Fig 83: WiFi Scanning

4. A list of available WiFi networks will be displayed. Select the desired network. Fig 84: Nearby WiFi networks

5. If required, enter the WiFi network password to connect. Fig 85: WiFi password required

6. An incorrect password will trigger the error message Cannot connect to the selected network. - If the connection is successful a “WiFi Network Connected” message will display on screen Fig 86: Failed/Successful WiFi Connection

7. Check the WiFi icon on the Home Screen to verify if the WiFi network is properly connected. Fig 87: WiFi Status

8. A new section Current Connection will show under System → WiFi settings. Fig 88 : Current Connection

9. Selecting Scan, users may choose to Forget the current connection and establish a new one.

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