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Works with almost all US-based cable ISP's.

  • Why have your own modem? In addition to saving on ISP rental fees, owning your own modem means your ISP can't change your settings with unannounced updates. Changed settings equals potential missed calls. Up to 400 Mbps - Most Popular Up to 800 Mbps Up to 1 Gbps Up to 2 Gigabits

note - Fiber service does not require a modem but will require an ONT, which is usually provided by the ISP.
Also, Cellular modems do not work reliably for VOIP.


WiFi Router For most small businesses, the TP Link Archer AC1750 is an excellent all around router. Good no-frills router with simple management and nice WiFi range for 2-3000 ft' under optimum conditions.

Router & Access Points For businesses needing subnets and 1 access point, or with multiple stories, we love the TP Link ER605 Omada router paired with your choice of Omada access point. If you have more than 1 access point, you will need the hardware controller listed below. - Router - Access Points (also work to extend range of standard routers). These require POE, consider a POE switch such as - Hardware Controller (strongly recommended when using multiple access points). - ER7206 with integrated hardware controller. If you need multiple Access points, consider the ER7206 which has an integrated hardware controller.
note - Mesh routers and satellites should NOT be used for VOIP systems operating on WiFi. We have had success running wired systems exclusively off of the base unit. We have also had success using mesh satellites in Access Point Mode with a traditional router. Mesh is generally fine for home use but has no place in a business setting.


Managed If you have a managed switch (yes, even an unmanaged managed switch), please plan on having a good IT person on call. Managed switches are fine for VOIP, but require competent and ongoing management. Please refer to the “Specialized Firewalls” section of Firewall/Network Configuration for additional management guidelines for most popular specialized firewalls.

Unmanaged For most small businesses, a TP Link TL-SG108, TL-SG1016, or TL-SG1024 will be ideal. - 8 port. - 16 port. - 24 port. - 48 port.

POE - suggested for systems using access points or for folks who want to power their phones by POE rather than a wall plug. - 8 port switch, provides 4 POE ports. - Provides 16 POE ports. - Provides 24 POE ports. - Provides 48 POE ports.

Overhead Speakers & PA Adapters

PA Adapter - for use with V2 Hub, Cloud Account, Analog PA systems.
Either of these work well, although we have many more Algo units in use currently. - Algo 8301 - Snom PA1+

SIP Speakers - for use with V1 hubs or with a paging adapter. - Algo 8180 - great for offices or indoor spaces. - Algo 8186 - great weatherproof option for outdoors or high-ceiling warehouse spaces. - Grandstream GSC3505 - auto-configurable interior speaker, no microphone. - Grandstream GSC3510 - auto-configurable interior speaker with microphone

Headsets - OvisLink Grandstream headset - Grandstream GUV3050 BT Headset with Busy Light - Jabra GN2000 Mono Corded Headset and cable

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