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My Services

The My Services tab in the Customer Portal is accessible only by the customer's Administrator.

The Numbers tab lists all phone numbers associated with your account, as well as their internal label, schedule, and routing. External caller ID and Failover/System Bypass can also be managed here.

The Lines tab tells you how many Lines (capacity for concurrent external calls) you are being billed for, and allows you to add or subtract lines at will.

International Calling
Enable or Disable International Calling here, in conjunction with the Wallet.

e911 designates an address to be associated with your phone number for 911 services.

Configuration and customization of the ring-u Conference feature.

Information regarding system backup and priority replacement.

Call Recordings
Enable and configure the Call Recording feature.

The phonebook is a shared directory listing both internal and external contacts, failover numbers, and blocked callers.

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