We recently enhanced our conference room functionality due to customer needs for more options for remote workers (March 2020 social distancing for Covid-19). External phones for remote workers do not need/use “lines”. If you have 10 remote phones using a softphone or actual phone, they do not count as users/lines. Only people dialing in via the phone number use lines.

You can enable your ring-u Conference Center by enabling it on your customer portal under “My Services” for $9.95 per month. You can cancel at any time.

The ring-u Conference Package includes:

  • 2 additional lines for external conference callers
    • Example: If you have 12 phones and 4 lines plus the conference package, you could have 5 external callers in your conference room, 1 caller chatting with your receptionist and 11 internal phones all in the conference.
  • Unlimited internal callers (every system phone/softphone you have)
  • Admin features for 1 or more people
    • Mute callers
    • Kick last joined from conference


Once enabled, you can configure your 3 conference room access codes on the conference page. While not required, we strongly recommend using 4 digit pin for access control.

Callers can enter a conference room via an IVR/Receptionist menu item or by direct dialing the conference room. A busy office may have a conference room available on a menu, but dialing 651 to join room 1 works very well. Callers will be asked to provide a name and will enter the room with an announcement.


While in a call, pressing/dialing the following numbers have special features for everyone:

User/Guest Functions

1 - Toggle mute on your phone (most modern phones have a mute button as well, this works for plain DTMF phones).

2 - Leave Conference. Yes, you can just hang up as well.

3 - Participant Count. In case you want to know how many other people are in the room.

Admin Functions

If you access the system as an Admin using 661, 662 or 663 and the admin PIN code for the room, you can also:

4 - Toggle MUTE for all non-admin's. You can have more than 1 admin, they don't get muted.

5 - Kick the last person that joined the conference out of the room.

Advanced Feature Example

The Acme Corporation is hosting a training session. They have made Conference Room 1 (651/661) menu option 6 on their receptionist menu. The presenters ask 5 people to call in at 10am and choose option 6, and use a PIN of 1234. The presenters dial 661 to enter the room as an Admin a couple of minutes early with their PIN of 9234. After a little chit chat, the admins mute the room by pressing 4, and start their presentation. 10 minutes later is Q&A time, they press 4 and unmute everyone. They answer questions, talk about the news and say goodbye. Bob (not an admin) won't shut up. An admin dials 5 to kick him from the conference to make their point. The admins hang up. Later, Bob sends an epic email with the rest of his ramble.

If call recording was also enabled, the entire conference was recorded. Even Bob.

No actual Bob was injured in this example. Any resemblance to a real Bob is coincidental.