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Software Licenses

The software in the Hello Hub and that operates our website and most of our desktop systems is based on Linux. The “magic code” in the Hello Hub that makes it work is proprietary and is encoded and compiled to protect our intellectual property. ring-u and it's employees are also long term major supporters of the FOSS (Free or Open Source Software) which includes the Linux operating system and related projects. ring-u makes significant contributions to the Linux and related and other organizations every year in order to keep the FOSS ecosystem evolving.

Our customers are granted a license to use our proprietary intellectual property under our ring-u llc terms and conditions. This page attempts to satisfy the moral and legal requirements to our FOSS community.

FOSS Licenses:

ring-u distributes open source software with the Hello Hub. The majority of this software is distributed under GPLv2 and GPLv3.

Click Here for a copy of the GNU Public License version 2

Click Here for a copy of the GNU Public License version 3

We also make use of PHP, and the licensing for this is covered under The PHP License, version 3.01, it's a little different because, well, just because.

Click Here for a copy of The PHP License, Version 3.01

To answer other potential FOSS licensing issues, there is also the Debian license:

Click Here for Additional Debian Licensing

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