Supported Phone Hardware and Support Levels

ring-u is in the process of adding support for our plug and play configuration feature to support more phones every month. We highly recommend the current GrandStream phones.

Want support for a specific modern VoIP phone? Let us know make and model and how many you have. It helps us prioritize the list.

Competitively priced phones with integrated Wi-Fi. Autodetected and configured by ring-u

Solid popular phones with good sound quality. Autodetected and configured by ring-u

Basic workhorse phones we've added support for existing customers. Autodetected and configured by ring-u Hello Hub if reset to default admin login settings.

  • Soundstation IP 5000 (Conference Phone) Highly Dependent upon shipped software. Manual configuration required in some cases

Currently, our best choice for features, quality and price. These models are auto-detected and configured by a ring-u Hello Hub.

While it is possible to manually configure almost any SIP/VoIP based phone to work, the best feature of the ring-u system is it “just works” with the phones on this page. If you need to manually configure phones, you need to ask for “advanced configuration super-powers”. We'll turn that on for your account and you can manually configure any phone, including “soft-phones” to work with your Hello Hub. If manually configuring phones, we suggest you assign a permanent IP address to your Hello Hub with your DHCP/Firewall server so that it always has the same IP address.

  • Last modified: 2020/06/08 11:17