Cloud Connector

Small but mighty, the Cloud Connector helps a Hello Hub or Hello Hub Cloud manage phones on the same network as Cloud Connector. You can have multiple locations, each with a Cloud Connector that keep phones updated and working together.


Cloud Connectors require an internet connected network that provides DHCP and allows them to reach their parent Hello Hub via the internet.

  • Unbox, making sure the SD card is firmly inserted into the micro SD card slot.
  • Plug an ethernet cable into the ethernet port and your local network.
  • Plug in the supplied high power Micro-USB power supply. Note that phone power charger power supplies will not provide enough power.
  • You should see the ethernet jack light up with a connection, and a very small red and green light near the power port should come on. They green light is visible right next to the power plug and will blink randomly.
  • Call ring-u tech support at 423 456-6700 so they can adopt your Cloud Connector to your Hello Hub Cloud or Hello Hub phone system family.
  • Last modified: 2021/02/11 19:49