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VPN vs Hybrid/Hosted

A Hello Hub is a happy little PBX sitting behind your firewall, chattering with all your phones and providing upstream connection aggregation as needed for phone calls in and out of your network. It's an awesome solution for most of our target customers. But sometimes, business needs grow (or were larger to start with) and you want to connect phones and people outside of your office. This requires either port forwarding on a good firewall that does it well, a properly configured VPN (good routing, not NAT) or what is becoming more and more the solution as carriers, ISP's and firewall needs change: A Hosted Hello Hub system.

We are currently setting up two styles of hosted Hello Hub systems:

  • Pure Hosted - Hello Hub/PBX in the “cloud” and manually configured phones
  • Hybrid Hosted - A Hosted Hello Hub that handles the VoIP traffic, and a “child” Hello Hub at one or more sites that handles phone configurations.

This solves a wide range of firewall/NAT/Carrier issues, we host the Hello Hub at a Network Operations Center closest to your primary user base (the most users) with excellent connectivity to our back end. We charge $29.95 per month to host a system, for up to 50 extensions. Compare that to the $25-40 per month per phone charges of our competitors, ring-u is significantly cheaper and provides a unique set of features that allow you to manage your phone system.

Want more info: Talk to a senior tech at ring-u: +1 423 456-6700

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