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Poly / Polycom VVX factory reset

Got a Polycom VVX series phone that no-one remembers the password to? In theory, the following instructions will do a factory reset, and then the default password of 456 should work again.;jsessionid=0C3EFDD990C4D10BB55A50077A086D38?externalId=32151

Just in case that link, and the video goes away:

The procedure:

This procedure works for all VVX phones up to the VVX 601 series. It describes and demonstrates the following steps:

  • Locate (find) and document your phone's MAC address (alpha numeric number, usually above the bar code on the back of the phone)
  • Unplug the power cable from the phone to turn it off.
  • If there are multiple cables, the power cable will connect to the AC adapter port.
  • If there is only one cable, you have a Power Over Ethernet Network cable, and you should unplug this to turn off the phone. It is recommended not ‘unplugging all cables’. Not seeing a wire in the AC Adapter port would indicate POE.
  • Plug back in the AC Adapter or Power Over Ethernet Network Cable to initiate power to the device.
  • Return the device back to the standing, up-right position.
  • When a Cancel button appears in the lower right hand corner of your screen, press Cancel
  • A count-down will begin. Before the countdown has ended, simultaneously hold down the numeric keys 1, 3, and 5.
  • The VVX will ask for a password. This will be the MAC address you wrote down earlier. Enter the MAC address, use the dial keys. There are two typing modes on the VVX. The third button from the right will be labeled 1→Aa (one, arrow, capital A, lowercase A). The first character is the current keypad output. Therefore, in this mode, numbers will be entered from pressing the corresponding dial keys. (not actually the left-most) left button with label, yes. But, not the left most button, that one is blank at this state. the button will be labeled with 1→Aa. the first character is the current method of keypad output. Therefore, numbers will be entered from pressing the corresponding keys. Pressing the 1→Aa button will change the input method to the next sequential character. In this case, one press of this button will change the Keypad output to ‘capital letters’ (A→a1). Each press of the key will enter the letter assigned to that specific key. For example, to produce an “F”, the 3-key would need to be pressed three-times. To produce a “T”, the 8-key must be press only once. Please note, that you should offer a 3-second pause before moving on to the next character in the MAC. If the character is repeated, like FF, then press the 3-key three times, pause for 3 seconds, then press 3-key three times again. This pause allowed the cursor to move to the next position. Pressing the typing mode button will change the output method to the next sequential character. In this case, pressing this button once will change the keypad output to capital letters, and the button will read Capital A, arrow, lowercase A, one (A→a1). Press again to type in lowercase letters. When entering the MAC address, please enter all letters in lowercase. Because each key has multiple letters assigned to it, you need to press the key the number of times corresponding to the placement of the letter. For example, if you want to type the letter “F”, the 3-key would need to be pressed three-times. To type a “T”, the 8-key must be pressed only once. Please note that if a character is repeated, such as FF, you should pause for 3 seconds before typing the second character. This pause allows the cursor to move to the next position. The letters and numbers you type in will only appear on screen as asterisks, so this may take a few tries. However, on phones with a directional pad, such as the 101 through 411, the left arrow key will act as a delete key, should you make a mistake. On touchscreen models (500 through 601), the volume down key can act as a delete key. The data entered is masked by asterisks (*) and will not show the characters entered. Therefore the MAC should be entered slowly and concise to ensure the MAC is entered correctly without needing to restart the process. However, on phones with a directional pad (300, 310, 400, 410, 411), the left arrow key will act as a ‘delete’ key, should you make a mistake. On touchscreen models (500, 501, 600, 601), the volume down (-) key can act as a delete key.
  • Once complete, press OK.
  • The phone will either prompt Configuration Reset or Incorrect Password. If you see Incorrect Password, re-enter the password. If you see Configuration Reset, do not press any keys. The phone will begin its factory reset.
  • After the reset, you can reprogram your phone, including its password. Please refer to the instructions for your individual VVX phone model for this. Once complete, press the OK key.

* The phone will either prompt “Configuration Reset” or “Invalid Password”.

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