If you have received your Hello Hub, but you haven't done an initial setup or account creation, please perform the steps in our Quick Start Guide before attempting to configure your phone system.

ring-U currently supports the following phones for auto-configuration:

  • GrandStream: GXP2130, GXP2135, GXP2160, GXP2180 and GXP2170
  • Grandstream “Carrier Grade”: GRP2614 and GRP2616 ←Our recommendation for professional offices!
  • Grandstream Mobile: DP750/DP720 and the new DP752 base station with all supported DECT handsets.
  • Grandstream WP820 WIFI Portable Phone
  • Grandstream ATA/Fax Adaptor: HT801, HT802
  • AtCom/Ring-U AT20, AT48 and AT68. Also known as the RU20, RU48 and RU68 ←Rock solid wired/wifi phones
  • HTEK 9xx series (they work well, and we auto-configure them, but not recommended for security reasons.)
  • Cisco SPA Series (Lots of variations here.. some work well, so not so well)
  • Polycom VVX and Soundpoint Series (Again, lots of variations in firmware and hardware, some work well)

Note about used Polycom and Cisco phones: There are an insane number of configuration locked or special firmware versions of these out there. Don't save a couple of bucks buying used ones cheap on eBay. You will spend 10x the time they are worth getting them to work. Often they are locked to a precious carrier. If you are on a budget: Grandstream GXP1625 and GXP2135 are great value phones.

We get asked about Yealink a lot. Great phones, easy to manually configure, but their web interface and API fakes faux-encryption in Javascript over HTTP and we aren't going to reverse engineer that faux-encryption anytime soon. HTEK has a different version of the same problem, their API does not do any authentication and those phones are essentially reconfigurable by anyone.

In order to attach these phones to your ring-u system, they must either be fresh out of the box or in a factory reset condition. If you're unsure about this, please click on the link for your phone(s) above and perform a factory reset. After you are sure of this, you can proceed to the steps below.

Some of the newer phones have a factory set unique default password set. Usually on a sticker on the bottom. The ring-u system will need that password to finish it's configuration.

Adding a Phone

  1. Plug the phone or base station into power and an Ethernet connection on the same network as your Hello Hub.
  2. Wait for the phone to fully power on.
  3. If not already in the ring-u portal, navigate to and log in with your ring-u account.
  4. Click on Extensions in the menu on the left.
  5. Your ring-u Hello Hub will scan your local network for phones. This can take a few minutes. When they are detected, the phones will be updated with a basic configuration and restart.
  6. After a few minutes have passed, refresh the Extensions page, and you will be presented with a list of phones on your network.
  7. Pick a phone to configure and Add beside it.
  8. From here, you can assign the phone an extension number, name, and an email address (to be used for voicemail delivery). You can also designate a single phone as the operator. This is the phone that will ring if all other options within your receptionist (phone menu) are not applicable.

By default our system is designed to take advantage of our automated “Receptionist” phone menu. This presents a caller with the “Open Receptionist” or the “Closed Receptionist” based on the open hours defined in your system's “Schedule”. If you just want the phones to ring, continue to the section Just Make The Phones Ring.

Open and Closed Receptionist

Out of the box, your system will be configured to route calls to the “Open/Closed Receptionist”. This is the automated “Receptionist” logic that answers the phone for you and presents your callers with a menu to route calls. If you'd like to understand more about configuring this logic, please check out our article on the Receptionist, and if you'd like a person to be in charge of answering the phone exclusively during business hours, check out our section on Human Receptionist.

Just Make The Phones Ring

We realize that many of our customers just want the phones to ring. We've built the system with some defaults that assume you wanted to use the “Receptionist”, but that doesn't mean we can't accommodate a simpler solution, and moving away from the “Receptionist” does not mean you can't turn it back on later down the line.

To bypass the “Open and Closed Receptionist”, head over to “My Services”“Numbers” ⇒ and click “Edit” next to your number. From here, you can click the drop down menu under “Hello Hub Routing:” labeled “Route incoming calls to:“ and choose “Group: All”. To finalize this, click “Save Changes”. Now, you'll have a system that rings all the phones, and if a call goes unanswered, it will be dropped into the “Company Mailbox”.

  • Last modified: 2020/11/04 13:09