Very Experimental.

Minimal call origination API. Example:$NUMBER

Using a “click to call” browser extension or a CRM that can use a custom url to initiate a call, a URL can be used to trigger a call placement. = The IP address of the Hello Hub. Port 99.

a=113 = the ring-u account number.

ext=122 = The extension to place the call from. In this example: 122. Please use your extension number.

number=[variable] = The number to call. The $NUMBER in the example is the name of the variable used by the SIP Caller Click To Call Chrome Browser Extension. You will have to use what your software requires in this field.


Lots of them.

Tested with: SIP Caller Click To Call on Chrome. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sip-caller-click-to-call/ceiljlhenjgjmffkmfccjoehdpppcgfg

Configuration looks like: