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It's hard to explain ALL of the things you can make a ring-u system do. There are a lot of use cases and different ways to run a business. This is an overview, with links to detailed wiki pages.

The Incoming Call

Someone somewhere dials a phone number, typically 7 or 10 digits, with the goal of communicating with someone. By voice. That call is routed through several providers systems until it reaches your Hello Hub. That incoming call is evaluated by a Schedule and an Override check to see what logic applies. Most commonly your call goes to the open hours receptionist. Schedules can be complex, with scheduled lunch breaks, etc.. What we suggest is keeping the schedule to the basic, and use the powerful override schedule/receptionist feature for changing your incoming call logic.


The heart of the system, receptionists control how that call is routed and answers. They can be connected to create complex menu's, or simply direct a call towards humans. A common configuration is to direct incoming calls to a Group of phones during the day, but provide information and a way to leave a message when closed. Receptionists can be used if there is no answer as well, to give a caller options to leave a message or try another phone. When a receptionist is playing a message, a caller can dial an extension directly, and faxes are automatically detected.

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