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Tips and Tricks

This is an attempt to document and share all the awesome features in a Hello Hub phone system, and how to use them well.

Transfer to 1 + extension number. Or 7 + extension number. Example: That crank called again, and you don't want to hang up on them, so transfer them to the bosses voicemail. The boss is extension 123, so hit Transfer, then 1123 or 7123. Problem solved. This also works well for nice people if you actually need to transfer them to VoiceMail.

Dial 8 + extension number Example: You need to make nice personal greetings for a virtual extension (like 100, or an actual person) but there is no phone that automatically manages that voicemail box. Dial 8, plus that extension. It'll ask for a password. If that person hasn't set it (they should have) it is the extension number. You'll get a full menu to manage that voicemail.

Some phones, including most of the Grandstream desk phones (GXP:1620,1625,2130,2135,2170) can be auto-configured to have an intercom mode. When selected in each phones/extension management interface, the intercom extension is the phones normal extension plus 100. If selected: if you dial 122 for a phone normally, dialing 222 will reach that same phone in an intercom mode. This works by configuring a 2nd extension number with auto-answer and speakerphone turned on. The far end will hear a short announcement beep, and you should have full 2 way audio. This only works for internal calls, external callers can not dial an intercom extension.

Caveats: System must be in advanced mode, and be using the latest phone configurator.

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