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Payment Policies

ring-u sets a Billing Date Of Month (BDOM) when a customer registers their Hello Hub and signs up for service from 1 to 28.

Customers that sign up on the 29th, 30th or 31st may have an actual BDOM of the last day of the month (as months vary in number of days).

At 3 days before a customers billing day of the month, ring-u will do the following:

  • Verify the payment methods on the account for expiration. This step may include pre-authorization.
  • Send a notice via email of the upcoming payment and verification status.

At 1 day before the customers billing day of the month, ring-u will:

  • Send a notice via email of the upcoming payment.

On the Billing Day of the Month, ring-u will:

  • Invoice the account, adding regional taxes and fees as required.
  • Using the payment methods (credit cards) provided, charge for and receive payment.

What happens when things go wrong? Credit Cards denied, expired, removed?

  1. ring-u will notify the customer via email automatically that funds are owed.
  2. ring-u will call during the business day to make sure notices were received (email addresses change) and see if we can assist.
  3. ring-u will try to charge using the provided methods the next morning.
  4. If payment still not received, ring-u will try to contact the customer again via email and phone.
  5. If payment not received or arrangements made by end of day, external phone service will be disconnected.
  6. If payment not made after 3 days of non-payment, ring-u may consider this account closed and release phone numbers.

Please be assured ring-u will make every effort to contact you to ensure the continuity of your phone service and associated phone numbers. There are things that you can do to make sure service is un-interrupted:

  • Have more than one payment method in the system.
  • Keep a slightly more than an average months service bill in your ring-u wallet. It can be used for monthly services.
  • Communicate. We are a small company and are available via email and phone, with a Southern US accent and a bad sense of humor.