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Hello Hub ISO

In some cases, IT managers and IT professionals would prefer to install a ring-u Hello Hub on their own hardware or as a virtual machine. It is an option, contact us for a direct link.

  • AMD/Intel “AMD64” compatible CPU
  • 2GB of ram minimum, 4GB recommended
  • 16GB hard drive minimum, flash drive or non-spinner recommended.
  • Mainstream well supported by Linux ethernet card

Or a similarly configured virtual machine: VMware, QEMU, VirtualBox, Parallels, etc..

Should be familiar with installing and running a Debian Linux non-GUI (Command Line Interface) server, and using good passwords and sane network configurations. Phone systems are consider critical infrastructure and improper system configuration may have business continuity and related financial impact.

Using supplied ISO image (via download, USB drive or CD/DVD) boot your selected hardware and perform a typical Debian Linux installation on your hardware. Set a long and unique password to both the root, and end user. A network and internet connection is required during the install. At the end of the install process, the system will create several ring-u specific system configurations including a custom /etc/crontab and boot configuration scripts. It will also put required software in /ring-u

  • ring-u can not be responsible for hardware compatibility and general system configuration.
  • ring-u can not maintain or control general system configurations as they can and do on provided hardware. The installer and system administrator must assume all technical support and liability for general system functionality.
  • ring-u does not provide general Linux support for customer built bespoke systems.