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Grandstream Wave Configuration

ring-u supports the very easy QR Code configuration of Grandstream Wave. After downloading Grandstream Wave on your iOS or Android device, log in to the ring-u customer portal and make sure your account is set up for Advanced Configuration. After that, click Extensions under Configuration on the left. On the extensions page, click Add an Extension, and on the next page, click to Manually Add. On the resulting New Extension page, select the Phone Type. If you have configured your office network for external access to your phone system, select Grandstream Wave External. Otherwise, to use Grandstream wave from your office Wi-Fi, select Grandstream Wave Internal Only. Note, this will only work consistently if your Wi-Fi device is on the same subnet (eg. 192.168.1.XXX) as the Hello Hub, and the Hello Hub as an address reserved for it by your router. Then, just like any other extension, assign an extension number, name, and email address for voicemail deliver, and hit save.

Now, you should see a QR code on your screen. If so, it's time to grab your Android or iOS device and open Grandstream Wave. Tap Settings in the bottom right, then Account Settings, then the + in the upper right corner, and finally UCM Account (Scan QR Code). After that, you should see the camera on the device actvate with a QR code scanner like this:

Point it at the computer screen with the QR Code pulled up, and the device should recognize the code. Once it does, you will be greeted with this screen:

Just tap done. If everything has configured correctly, you should be able to watch the extension activate. When it has, the dot to the right of the extension number should go green like this:

If it does not, make sure your Wi-Fi is on for Grandstream Wave Internal Only extensions, and make sure it is off for Grandstream Wave External and that you have a data connection. If everything appears to work, you can press Keypad at the bottom and dial 700 to listen to your receptionist.