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Email to Fax

Status as of Sepember 2019: Experimental Status as of November 2019: working very well

By popular demand, we built an email to fax gateway. If you can send an email, you can send a fax. This system is separate from our main fax system, is available for all of our customers, and is provided because sometimes you just have to send a fax, and email is the only tool you have available.

  1. Ask ring-u support for the top secret address. It's a little different than what you might expect, but we don't want to publish it to the entire internet. It's also displayed in the customer portal under My Services→Fax→Send Fax
  2. Create your fax. Scan a document to a PDF format, save a document as a PDF, or print to a PDF… There are many ways. Most testing has been done with PDF version 1.4, the most common version. Newer versions should work, but if possible, choose version 1.4.
  3. Create an email to: (use the top secret email address here).
  4. Put the destination 10 digit phone number in the subject line.
  5. Send the email.

That's it. If it is recognized as a valid email with a phone number and an attached fax, the system will try to send it. After up to 5 tries, it will send you back an email confirmation or a report of the failure. Approximately 80% of our failures are an invalid phone number.

Things to know:

  • This email to fax gateway does not store the incoming email or the fax after it is done.
  • When an email is received, it responds with an email receipt that it got it.
  • After up to 5 attempts, it will respond with a success or failure email.
  • This gateway does not show up in your fax archive or customer portal.
  • The outgoing fax comes from +1 423 680-6722, not from your phone system or phone numbers.
  • The outgoing fax includes a cover page listing the senders e-mail address, not your fax number.
  • We do not claim this gateway is suitable for any purpose, and specifically deny that any non-encrypted email or fax is apropos for patient records, financial or banking information. We (ring-u) use this for ordering chinese take-out and it works well for that.