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-======Please Read This Before Proceeding!====== 
 =====Quick Start Guide===== =====Quick Start Guide=====
-Thank you for purchasing a ring-U Hello Hub! You are very close to setting up and enjoying the benefits of our professional small business phone systemTo ensure proper setup, please read and follow these instructions.+These instructions differ the printed quick start guide that came with your Hello Hub. Either will work. This is the tech support teams version
-===Step 1Create an Account==+====If you have a Hello Hub or Cloud Connector:==== 
-==As a new ring-U customer, the first steps of the setup process happen online:== +   Unbox your Hello Hub or Cloud Connector 
-  Please visit [[https://portal.ring-u.com]] **from a computer connected to your office's internet connection** and click **"Register"**. +   Plug in into the network with the provided network cable.  
-  This is our registration form. Please fill out the information requested to create your ring-u account and press next+   Plug in the power adapterand if you have Hello Hubturn it on using the power switch on the back. Check that at least 1 light on the front come onIf notunplug the power cable and re-insert it.  
-  To verify you as a human beingwe will send you an email with verification link. Log into your email accountfind the email we've sent you, and click the link to automatically return to the ring-u portalThenclick Verify to continue with the setup process+   If you have physical phones, please unbox at least oneand plug it into the network and power it on. If you are going to use WiFi (wireless) for your phones, it should be on the same network as the Hello Hub
-  Finallyenter a password you would like to use for managing your account.+
-===Step 2: Connect your Hello Hub=== +By now, your Hello Hub or Cloud Connector should have connected to the internet, updated and rebootedWe'll troubleshoot later if notIt is time to setup your system
-==Now that your account has been created, it is time to connect your Hello Hub:== +
-  - Plug the Hello Hub into Power and Ethernet using the provided cables as shown in the picture below.{{ :rear_labeled_full.png?nolink&400 |}} +
-  - Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into your office network (the back of your router or a network switch). +
-  - On the back of the unit, slide the power switch into the **"ON"** position.+
-===Step 3: Allow the Hello Hub to Connect==+====For all systems, Hello Hub, Hybrid Cloud (w/Cloud Connector), Cloud:==== 
-==After Turning on the Hello Hub== +{{ ::loginscreen202102.png?200|}}
-**There are three status lights on the front face of the Hello Hub.**{{ :hub_lights.png?nolink&400 |}} +
-  - To indicate power is on, the **red** light on the front-left of the Hello Hub should be lit. +
-  - After a few moments, the middle light will start to blink **yellow** as the Hello Hub starts to communicate on your office network. +
-  - The right light indicates the Hello Hub's ability to connect with our servers. On startup, this light will blink **blue** as the Hub first contacts our servers. Once a connection is established, the light will turn **green**. If a connection cannot be established, the light will turn **yellow**. If this light turns yellow, please check your internet connection from an office computer and the physical connection between the Hello Hub and your router.+
-===If the right light has turned green,=== +   - From a computer with a web browser, go to:  [[https://portal.ring-u.com]] 
-====Congratulations! Your Hello Hub is Connected, and You Have a Phone System!==== +   If you purchased from our web store, you may already have an account, call us at 423-456-6700 for assistance.  
-===Now it'time to add some phones.=== +   - If you bought from Amazon.com, another source or are unsure: Click "**Sign Up**. The portal will step you through the typical steps of creating an accountverifying your email address and setting a password. Use an email address that you can quickly verify, you can update system email addresses later.  
-Please refer to our [[basic_configuration|Basic Configuration Guide]].+ 
 +====Off to see the wizard!===
 +{{ ::wizard-00.png?200|}} 
 +After you login the first time, the setup wizard will find your Hello Hub or Cloud Connector and finish setting up your account. The wizard goals are to select a phone number, some basic feature choicesterms and conditions, and of course, payment information. **You can keep/transfer your existing phone number(s), that comes later. ** Ring-u wants to setup your system, configure and test it before transferring your important business phone numbers.  
 +{{ ::wizard-lines.png?200|}}  
 +The "Lines" question in the wizard may be confusing. You do **not** need a line for every phone, and if you bought "6 line" phones, you don't need 6 lines. You need a "line" for every conversation/call outside of your phone system. If unsure, pick the minimum 2 line configuration, you can add or remove capacity at any time and it'prorated. Ring-u does not charge you "per phone". A great example: our average (as of Feb 2021) customer has 3 lines and 10 phones.   
 +Once the wizard is complete, you'll be left at the system Dashboard and can continue system setup. Start with: [[basic_configuration|Basic Configuration]] 
 +===Useful Video=== 
 +{{ youtube>hUIYIa5P-nc}} 
 +This video is from 2017 when we started. Interfaces have been changed a little but this is essentially correct and still very useful
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