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-====== Voicemail ====== 
-There are many ways to manage voicemails in the ring-u small business phone system. First, let's clear up some potential confusion. 
-==== Which voicemail box do messages fall in to? ==== 
-{{ :​advanced-unavailable.png?​direct&​200|}} 
-Every extension on your phone system has its own voicemail box. 
-This is selected individually from each extension under the **"​Advanced:​ If No Answer/​Unavailable:"​** drop down. 
-Every extension and group has this option, and you can point the action to other phones, groups, other phones'​ voicemail boxes, or to the Company Mailbox. 
-==== The Company Mailbox ==== 
-The easiest way to understand the Company Mailbox is to see it as an extension on the system without a phone attached. Since every phone on the system has its own voicemail box that will activate if the phone is unreachable,​ you can think of the Company Mailbox as an extension that has nowhere to go but to voicemail. 
-The company mailbox was created to have a common voicemail box for calls to groups that go unanswered. Since these calls never reach a particular person, it makes sense to send them to the voicemail box for the company. 
-If you want every voicemail to go to the Company Mailbox, you must configure all of your groups and extensions **"​Advanced:​ If No Answer/​Unavailable:"​** function to go straight to **"100 VM Company Mailbox"​**. Likewise, you can configure a group to go to an individual extension'​s voicemail such as "121 VM Nick". The **"​VM"​** indicates that you're sending the call to that extension'​s voicemail instead of ringing that extension. 
-==== Managing Voicemail ==== 
-{{ :​email.png?​direct&​200|}} 
-By far, the most popular way to receive voicemail is to configure each extension to send them to that user's email. However, you can also manage voicemail through the extension itself. Dialing **800** from any extension will reach that extension'​s voicemail box. Many phones have a voicemail button on the front of them, and they essentially do the same thing in dialing 800 to reach that phone'​s voicemail. 
-To manage another extension'​s voicemail, you dial **8 + the extension'​s number**. So, to check extension 101's voicemail, you dial **8101**. Since the **Company Mailbox** is also **extension 100**, you can check and manage its voicemail by dialing **8100**. You can do this from any extension on the system or from the receptionist if dialing in from the outside world. Upon dialing in to another extension'​s voicemail, you will be asked for a password. **Every extension'​s default voicemail password is its extension number. ** For example, the default password for the Company Mailbox is **100**. 
-==== Voicemail Menu Quick Reference ==== 
-**1** New Messages 
-  * **3** Advanced Options 
-  * **5** Repeat Current Message 
-  * **6** Play the next message 
-  * **7** Delete this message 
-  * **8** Forward message to another user 
-  * **9** Save this message 
-  * ***** Help 
-  * **#** Exit 
-**2** Change Folders 
-  * **0** New Messages 
-  * **1** Old Messages 
-  * **2** Work Messages 
-  * **3** Family Messages 
-  * **4** Friends Messages 
-  * **#** Cancel 
-**3** Advanced Options 
-  * **5** Leave a Message 
-  * ***** Return to Main Menu  
-**0** Mailbox Options 
-  * **1** Record Unavailable Message 
-  * **2** Record Busy Message 
-  * **3** Record Name 
-  * **4** Record Temporary Greeting 
-  * **5** Change Password 
-  * ***** Return to Main Menu 
-***** Help 
-**#** Exit