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-==== Status Lights ==== 
-**The face of the Hello Hub houses 3 status lights.** 
-From left to right when facing the ring-u logo: 
-The **1st Light** turns **red** to indicate power is on. 
-The **2nd Light** blinks **yellow** to indicate network communication. 
-The **3rd Light** is the main status light. 
-It blinks **blue** when making attempts to contact the ring-u servers, 
-is solid **green** when it has a successful connection with ring-u, 
-and occasionally blinks **purple** to indicate that the battery monitoring service is working. 
-The **3rd Light** can also indicate system errors. 
-**Alternating Red and Yellow** indicates that the Hello Hub has encountered an internal software error and needs to be powered off and on again. 
-**An occasional red flash** indicates that the Hello Hub failed to retrieve an update from the ring-u servers. It will try again automatically. 
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