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 +**Guest Phone Setup**
 +Useful for lobbies, an elevator, or any place you want to give an individual the ability to call in/out to a certain phone number or inside the network extension.
 +In the Atcom A20W phone webpage (reached by accessing the IP address of the phone through any web broswer) underneath the "​Phone"​ header, and the "​features"​ sidebar, you would designate a "​hotline number"​ for the phone to dial for any time the phone is physically lifted from the base.
 +We have found that by setting the "​hotline timeout"​ to 0 creates a phone extension that is not capable of dialing any other number than what was designated in the "​hotline number"​ field. ​
 +Currently this is the easiest way to configure a guest phone, new ways will be added when they are available. ​