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 Take that phone home. It should work.  Take that phone home. It should work. 
 +Things you may have to discover first. ​
 +   * Your phone'​s IP address. Usually displayed easily from the phone menu, or a button. ​
 +   * Your phone'​s default login and password. Often both are **admin**. Some vary. 
 +   * Your systems public dynamic DNS name. Look on your customer portal support tab at https://​portal.ring-u.com when you are logged in. 
 +   * Is your firewall configured properly. Check with the 'Port Check' button under the support tab. This button also displays detailed information about the firewall port forwarding rules needed for this to work. 
 +And lastly, of course you can call us for assistance. We'll help as much as possible from afar. 423-456-6700 option 3.